Ottawa Valley Gift Baskets is thankful for the abundance of local food products available to us and for the talents of the many fine manufacturers and producers of these delectable food items. Their locally-produced goods such as cheese, chocolates, chutney, coffee (roasted), fruits, honey, jams, jellies, maple syrup, and preserves/sauces not only benefits you and your family – it also helps to sustain our community, our local economy, and the planet! Local producers and their fine foodstuffs truly make Ottawa Valley Gift Baskets what/who we are – “a taste of the Ottawa Valley in every basket!” Ottawa Valley Gift Baskets is committed to the promotion and support of our local farmers and food producers – we believe in giving back and supporting our local economy.

Ottawa Valley Gift Baskets receives several requests for event sponsorship and donations for fundraisers every year. Although we would love to be able to assist more organizations than we do, Ottawa Valley Gift Baskets does have a limit to the number of requests that we can approve. We proudly support our local community and therefore apply the following criteria to all requests received:

  • All event sponsorship requests and applications for donation must be submitted via e-mail to Requests  must contain as much detail as possible about the event and/or charity.

  • The activity or event to be sponsored must benefit more than just the participant(s) themselves.

  • The activity or event to be sponsored must be located within the Ottawa Valley area and funds to be raised must remain and/or be used in the local community.
  • We will only consider sponsorship requests which involve the supply of Ottawa Valley Gift Basket items.

When a submitted request meets these criteria we then attempt to select the activity or cause which will provide Ottawa Valley Gift Baskets with the most appropriate exposure, given our corporate philosophy and values. We typically review all requests for sponsorship when/as received via e-mail and attempt to advise all applicants, one way or another, as quickly as we can.