Gift basket contains; one (1) Balderson Spreadable Cheese 200g; one (1) Balderson Old Cheddar 280g; one (1) Balderson 1yr Old Cheese 280g; one (1) Great Canadian Cured Meat 72g; one (1) Top Shelf Preserves Tomatillo Salsa 190ml; one (1) bag of Village Treats Sea Salt Caramels 180gr; one (1) Mrs. McGarrigle’s Chutney 190ml; one (1) The Mix Company Maple Garlic Spice Dip 45g; one (1) Mrs. McGarrigle’s Balsamic and Cracked Pepper 190ml; one (1) Carr’s Crackers 125g; one (1) Top Shelf Preserves Sweet Red Pepper Jelly 190ml; and selected premium sugar free candies packaged in an attractive mailer box or wicker basket.

*Ottawa Valley Gift Baskets reserves the right to substitute items of equal or greater value if necessary. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Basket may not ship exactly as shown.