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Snark Dark Coffee
[SNC 001]

Snark Dark Coffee

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Coffee that kicks in before reality does. Smooth, dark and mean, it finishes clean. Magically taking you from, "Leave me alone!" to, "Good morning, honey."

This cup has viscous, carbony flavors, overlayed with a degree of bittersweetness.  It is a blend designed to endure the rigors of dark roasting.  Described as both “breakfast in a cup” and “a morning slap across the face”, it is a coffee with great body.

And body is so important, to a darker roast. 

Extended roasts typically burn up all the sugars, incinerating the body, resulting in a thin cup of burned water. This is NOT what a dark roast coffee is about! You want something still voluminous, and something sharp that stings you a bit down the center of the tongue. Well, at least if you do want these things, then we share common ground, and you might like this blend.

Intensely, rich, there is nothing subtle about this coffee. But let’s face it; some mornings are just not made for subtle.  

Excellent both brewed and as an espresso.

Darkest Roast