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Hall's Orchards - Sparkling Apple Cider / Cranberry-Apple Cider (750ml) Bottle

Hall's Orchards - Sparkling Apple Cider / Cranberry-Apple Cider (750ml) Bottle

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HARVEST MOON ORCHARD is situated on the scenic Carp Ridge, just west of Ottawa, Ontario. Their apple orchard/farm boasts a large selection of heritage apples.

HALL'S ORCHARDS Sparkling Apple Cider and Cranberry-Apple Cider (750ml) is made from fresh, local grown apples outside Brockville, Ontario. Sparking Apple Cider is a carbonated non-alcoholic beverage made from apple cider and is a great alternative to champagne. Please visit our Gift Baskets section for selections including HALL'S ORCHARDS Sparkling Apple Cider or call us to arrange a custom basket for you.

The Liquor Licence Act of Ontario prohibits the sale and/or delivery of alcohol by persons other than those entities licenced by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. Ottawa Valley Gift Baskets is not a licenced entity and therefore cannot include wine or spirits in our gift baskets. Why not add a bottle of HALL'S ORCHARDS  Sparking Apple Cider to your gift basket?

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