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The Premium Cutting Board Mix

THE PREMIUM CUTTING BOARD MIX - Just cut it up and serve...savour these fine BALDERSON premium cheddar selections!

In Stock $68.95

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Just a Sampling Basket

"JUST A SAMPLING" BASKET - Just a sampling of some fine tasting Shamrock Gardens and Mrs. McGarrigle's products that will help you prepare that great meal!

In Stock $66.95

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The Ginger Lover's Basket

THE GINGER LOVER'S BASKET - A sampling of fine food selections and tastes of the Ottawa Valley that contain ginger and other good food stuffs!

In Stock $45.95

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The Coffee Basket

THE COFFEE BASKET - For true coffee lovers…let them awake to the gorgeous aroma of fresh-ground, fair trade coffee!

In Stock $79.95

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Just Chocolates

JUST CHOCOLATES - A gift basket containing the finest chocolates...featuring products from  Lanark Village Treats.

In Stock $79.95

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The Gourmet Basket

THE GOURMET BASKET - For the "Sharp" Cheddar Lover and aspiring Gourmet Chef...this gift basket is a gourmet's delight!

In Stock $83.95

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The Pasta Lover Grande

THE PASTA LOVER GRANDE BASKET - For the true pasta lover! Everything that is needed to make a delicious pasta dinner is included in this gift basket!

In Stock $84.95

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Cheese and Chocolates

CHEESE AND CHOCOLATES - Experience the best of both worlds...Balderson Cheese and Village Treats Chocolates together in one sinfully delicious gift basket!

In Stock $77.95

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CONGRATULATIONS! Basket - The perfect gift basket to send when you want to wish someone "congratulations" and share the joy of their special event. Balderson Cheese, and Village Treats Chocolates say the words for you!

In Stock $93.95

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The Maple Lane

THE MAPLE LANE - Our tribute to the Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario - Lanark County. A gift basket brimming with sweet maple treats!

In Stock $99.95

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Brunch for a Bunch

BRUNCH FOR A BUNCH BASKET - A fine assortment of local products from the Valley to share over brunch with family or firiends!

In Stock $103.95

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Thanks for Everything!

THE "THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!" BASKET - A basket that conveys your thanks to anyone who needs recognition or appreciation! Perfect for sending as a thank you gift to staff members at hospital nursing stations, nursing homes, schools, etc.

In Stock $105.95

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The Lanark County Treasure

THE LANARK COUNTY TREASURE - A treasure trove of food favourites and tasty treats from Lanark County!

In Stock $109.95

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The Decadent Basket


The Decadent Basket - A basket containing our best decadent treats from the Ottawa Valley. Luxurious chocolates from Village Treats, Maple Syrup from Temple Sugar Bush, and world famous Balderson Cheese! The receipents of this basket will feel pampered and treasured! 

In Stock $106.95

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The Balderson Classic

THE BALDERSON CLASSIC - The name says it all - a gift basket featuring some classic treats and some BALDERSON Cheese favorites!

In Stock $115.95

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